About Me


Matthew Estes is currently a graduate student at Auburn University, and will soon be graduating with a degree in Communication. Writing, especially blogging and novels, is my passion, but I also have skills in a myriad of different technology and communication arenas.

In this letter, I would like to request consideration for any career opportunities that might be available. To reach those ends, I have put together this digital packet of my creative and academic endeavors. It should provide a complete snapshot of who I am as a person. I very much appreciate you taking the time to explore this interactive resume.

I should be finished with the entirety of my degree work in May of 2016. After I finish at Auburn, I am interested in pursuing a career. Although I am certainly interested in one day getting my doctorate degree, I am ready for a change of pace after six consecutive years of working towards academic prosperity. I also do not mind considering the possibility of traveling to a different state. My fiancée, whom I will marry next year, and I are both interested in experiencing some new horizons.

My undergraduate work was focused predominantly on public relations, and I have spent two stents working with the Alabama Real Estate Commission, a state agency, to better their social media presence, videos, and designs. It has often been observed that I am better with the technical side of communications. Indeed, I consider myself proficient in web design, social media, video production, and photo editing. Still, I have a strong grasp on many other components of public relations, including editing and networking.

I would truly appreciate any correspondence relating to future career opportunities. Thank you again for your time.

Matthew Estes